Saturday, July 19, 2008

London and Beyond !!

My High School Emblem with motto "Courage to Care". A fitting start to this entry as it has been a while since I shared a moment on my Blog - life and the spiritual journey of renewal has taken up my time as of late. I have moved to London Ontario home of the Knights and the gritty Hunter Brothers, the London Majors of the Ontario Baseball League, Glen Pearson Liberal MP and humble and hard working statesman and home to very few CFL fans. I have liked the move the weather here thus far is humid and inviting. Lots of thunder and storms but even more daylight and sun. The job I have taken is super and people I work with are great.
I do miss my pals Bear, DB and DDP as well as friends Sue and Lori. I miss the Bombers and the Forks. My place was nice on Corydon and my life was good but in life change is apart of the program to self actualization and strength for the inner peace we all seek. I want new frontiers and challenges and seek options for me at this stage of my life.
I really want to rekindle and refocus my energies so that the spiritual strength I had in 1995 when I confronted the world and advocated a strong and prosperous future full of Liberal anecdotes is meshed with my knowledge of people and experience with divorce, child custody and job malaise. 1 miss after another has happened since my divorce and well I have been left silent, sullen at times - removed from life. The revitalization is most needed.
A couple of things I want to share - Atikokan (the logo of my high school is at the start) and Northwestern Ontario are really "God's country" and their inherent lifestyles, people and strengths are to be revered, the strength of a person is not known until a real crisis hits, the care and concern of friends is never really felt until a crisis hits, family is sacred and nurturing, politics is people and life and LIFE is precious and such a mystery that we need to embraces it every energy !!!
Oh I also am exuberant that I reside only 2 hours from the ACC and the CUP is coming to Leaf Nation very soon !!
Ciao for not from the London area!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

08 promises to be great - Liberally and Otherwise !!!

With a new year upon us, the frigid winter wonderland here in Winnipeg has exacerbated my hope and optimism for the upcoming year. On several levels '07 was a deeply "acted" upon year. In acted I mean I experienced more in a concentrated attempt to renew my spirit and identity as a person. I experienced aspects of life which I had not previously seen or witnessed. I met some great people and realized how "sacred" and "hallowed" the human condition really is and how life is meant to be appreciated and revered and NOT taken for granted. The too often used adage "life is precious" was felt in a deeper more spiritual manner.

On a professional level, I saw people of consequence and a close friend leave the company I work for. This affected me more than I knew at the time and I continue to wonder why Norm left at the time he did. I am still trying to make sense of that one action. Also, on a professional level, I felt better, became more patient and accepting of organizational shirks and worked in a sweet spot for most of the year. I find I pick less battles and seek a "fair and just" workplace on levels I can enjoy and appreciate with more concern for me and less about changing the world. I continue to learn and grow and see personal and commercial security as a very satisfying field of work. I enjoy helping people and the business community in this post 9-11 world we live in.

Politically, my faith in the Liberal Cause was renewed. I took on several decision making tasks including being Chair of a Provincial Liberal AGM. The AGM was widely accepted as a huge success. The AGM committee was composed of and I chose people of "worth" and high standards of personal integrity. I enjoyed worked along side them and the exciting format and sessions were a real treat to be a part of . However, simultaneously, the idealistic viewpoint I have had of the Liberal Organization here in Manitoba really was tested. The hardened and real jaded edge of some of the people whom I came across in the process of organizing, the "stop-at-nothing-for-power" influences of the past and the lack of a volunteers concerns me. On the same token I can offer no solution other than to remain a part of the process and organization at ALL costs.

This suggestion I would put out to ALL like minded Liberals is to stay a part of the liberal organization and process and by working with others change will come. No easy task or one definitive hard core solution.

At the end of the day the Liberal challenges are symptomatic of changes in the Canadian political process as well as in society in general. We, as a society, become less personal and more reliant on the medium and not the person to communicate with others. Also politically I had the privilege of working along side Martha Hall Findlay and the Liberal National Outreach Tour. Through the Tour and policy sessions I saw first hand the deep concern, strong opinions and policies of Liberals from across the province. Liberals care and are committed to helping make our world a better place to live, work and play in and are quite prepared to offer policy suggestions. The youthful exuberance of the National Liberal Party fresh off a rejuvenating Leadership Process was just ...well..."neat" to feel and be a part of. We, as a Party, will become better. I also went door to door for Marvin Krawec in Portage la Praire, Bill Mauro in Thunder Bay Atikokan - NWO and Ryan Androsoff in Saskatoon - Bill with a win of 36 votes Ryan and Marvin with heart felt losses. I found voters in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan like the Liberal brand but what they they want us to provide a more compelling reason to vote for the Liberal Candidates than the competition. These "liberal reasons" must be found with more than people within the Liberal Party processes but with the Central Canada voting public. Here I think the National Outreach Tour was a good stepping stone which needs to be ingrained in policy and process. Sadly, I also saw some really practical, cutting edge proposals for change by Liberals fall on deaf ears.

On a personal level 2007 saw me be very introspective choosing to seek personal growth along with change and a deep desire to appreciate my world and my daughter. Patience, acceptance and sharing were areas which I dwelled upon.. I also have become more "selective" on whom I have around me and this "discriminating taste" transcended all aspects of my life -emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. My past mistakes and future desire to enjoy life with a 50/50 soul mate is still strong but the journey is more impressive than that goal. I enjoy, now more than ever, seeking balance, harmony and clarity in my journey of life. The path of 2007 connected me with my start and my future more than I think I know right now. Kinda of reassuring and nourishing to be aware of.

I will end this short capsule of Darren Brown '07's path with a wish of good life and prosperous future to ALL my fellow bloggers!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Politics, Leaders and Loyality

Some times during the journey of life we meet people we genuinely like and yet do not understand why. In politics the art of manipulation is taken to the extreme as the parties and their personnel attempt to shape the voters psyche and as such it is sometimes difficult to discern truth from perception. I am an idealist and believe in the fundamental good of mankind sure I have been let down in my life but I remain of this opinion more stronger than ever. I have been aware of these views and the fickle nature of people since my first election at the age of 16 and although I am leery of people I meet solely through the political process I also know people are good and positive. Every now and then I get a real pick me up where my instincts and undying belief in people turns out to be true. This can be said of my sincere appreciation, admiration and respect for Sharon MacArthur. She has done "yeoman's duty" and taken the "captains lead" on trying to keep the Liberal cause and Liberal party organization alive and well in Manitoba. She continues to serve as President and has done a great job amidst many odds and even more detractors "hell bent" on usurping her presidency. She is not the easy going and bubbly effervescence that Bobbi Ethier, she is not the intellectual presence John Scurfield was, she is not the consummate meeter and greeter that Avis Gray was and she is not the political junkie that Tim Ryan was but and this is a big BUT she is an honest, authentic, sincere Liberal who ONLY wants the best for the Liberal party and our centrist cause and whom is willing to do ALL that she can to support that. She has a little of all those presidencies I mentioned and a little more of the rural work ethic that keeps her going 24/7 - 365.

On a personal note I had discussed the possibility of running for President of the LPCM and had a great team assembled to run a dynamic and refreshing campaign but at the end of the day my team felt it may not be my time - I agreed. For my part I seek counsel from those I respect and my team is right. In the meantime the Liberal movement is alive as I have seen this by helping out in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario Provincial Elections in the last 12 months. I have done pretty much everything within the Liberal Bureaucracy from riding executive positions to provincial executive to assistant in Ottawa to AGM Chair and national campaign and enjoy working with people of like mind and spirit. I also realize that for an organization to grow and evolve the players need to change through a strong foundation of success.

For the next president of the LPCM we may need to move to a different path but NOT at the expense of loosing any ground with the foundation on what remains from a once vibrant 20,000 membership. Your guess is as well as mine as to who can do that and how we as a party get this done.

I do know without an election I would be of the opinion to "break" Sharon's arm and ask her to stay on for another term. She has a done a fabulous job !!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Forest Processing Industry Crisis - NWO in dire straits !!!

Whomever does not think that our Canadian economy is subservient to the American only needs to look at the layoffs and catastrophe the high Canadian dollar is playing on Northwestern Ontario. Buchanan Forest Products the second biggest employer on the land of "milk and honey" (NWO Region -Kenora to Marathon) has to pretty much pay off its entire workforce. I am not an advocate of state interventionism in the economy but the Federal Government needs to help the company, a family owned business, traverse the next 6- 8 months. I would advocate a stronger position at the NAFTA table including a more aggressive attempt to recoup the 4.5 billion dollars American Companies "took" from us in a tariff war of the 90's AND some band aid Human Resources dollars to the affected employees and their families in the 6-8 months.
The bigger question is will the Reform/Alliance/CPC do something or stick to their "watching form the cheap seats" strategy. If Joe Commuzzi is the guy to change the situation and his letter to the Prime Minister (Fridays Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal) is the big move - NWO is in trouble.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Go Ryan Go !!! Saskatoon Northwest Coming Liberal !!

Further to my post of August 7 th the Liberal Campaign Saskatoon Northwest is picking up steam and our candidate Ryan Androsoff is doing very well. An energetic team seasoned with some strong advice and supporters Ryan is keeping the drive alive and hitting the doors continually. I myself will be going out next weekend to help knock on doors and share the Liberal message of hope and optimism with Saskatoon Northwest voters. I am pumped and energized by the team and the real opportunity for change for Saskatchewan with the Saskatchewan Liberal Party. If any one of my blogsphere Liberal friends wants to help out say the word and I will help facilitate.
Ryan has significant experience working for the party at the national level,organizing provincially and federally and global experience with working with the World bank. I for one am very positive on his chances for taking the riding once again for the Liberals. As a point of interest "back in the day"early 90's Karen Taraska - Alcock, Rob Kaddas, Mike Sangster and I all helped door knock in parts of the same riding for Lynda Haverstock (sp?) Had fun then and she won hope to help in the same way this time around !!
Go Ryan Go Ryan !!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Are we listening to Canadians or a Weak Caucus bent on staying in a job?

Is the Liberal Party of Canada listening to ALL 32 million Canadians from coast to coast? Are simply giving power to 100 plus MP's who want to keep their job? Are we listening to the concerns and problems of the 2000 Northern Ontarians whom have lost their job in the Forest Industry? Are we listening to the Farmers who want a strong and united single desk to sell our wheat? Are we listening to the First Nations of Canada and their dire emergency in health, education and infrastructure? Are we listening to the Child Care system its workers and users who need a National Program and standards? and finally are we listening to the lifeblood of the Canadian Economy the hundreds of thousands Small, Medium and Large Business Enterprises whom are in crisis in dealing with the high dollar and its loss of jobs to the USA?
The Reform/Alliance/CPC Harperites as established in the Throne Speech ARE NOT and sadly the Liberal Party of Canada has joined them.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pull the plug whether we want to or not !!!

Our Liberal Leader must enlist all the political will he has left, direct Caucus and pull the plug on this self effacing and ignorant Government. The Reform/Alliance/CPC has done nothing to move the Environmental Agenda forward, nothing to provide a new beginning for First Nations community of Canada, absolutely nothing on the Forest Processing Crisis, Nil on the Wheat Board and protecting the farmers of our country, little to absolutely nothing on Child Care and has even thrown salt in the wounds of Social Union Activists all over again. The Reform/Alliance/CPC are simply ducking and weaving and wanting to stay in power and not govern responsibly. The Liberal Party of Canada the ONLY party interested in helping fight child poverty, creating a child care system that works and improving our high dollar condition in relation to the U.S.A. MUST stand up and send a clear message to Canadians. No running for the hills , no "loosey-goosey" academic assertions - a clear, well thought out political action plan and stand up and VOTE AGAINST this abysmal approach to the 21st century Canadian electorate!!